About Us

Inaluxe is a small design team consisting of Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd. Our studio is located in the Grampians, Victoria, Australia. All the designs you see in our store are created by us. While we both have a very different approach to creating, the upside of this is we love working on designs together, and what comes out of our combined efforts. Of course, sometimes we go it solo too!

People often ask us what materials are our favourites... It's very hard to chalk it down to one or two, however, gouache, ink, and acrylic feature prominently at present, as well as paper, wood panels, and linen. As for influences, and inspiration, that's a very big area, however, to break it down, it comes down to the natural world. Organic forms found in nature, the magnificence of birds, and animals. The interaction people have with one another. What makes this world tick. While the designs might be abstract, there is a basis, and human foundation to their existence. It's the things below the surface we marvel at. It's more about the thoughts, or feelings the work might evoke, rather than a literal interpratation of the subject.

When it comes to artists who inspire us, the long time heros are Robert Rauschenberg, the early Abstract Experssionists of the 1920's onwards, and Mark Rothko.

Our philosophy when it comes to design is simple - Make it beautiful, use the best materials possible, and be responsible and sustainable in production practice. It is very important for us to feel great about what we do, therefore we only print on the best archival fine art papers, in combination with a professional giclee reproduction print process. We believe in quality over quantity.

As well as creating, we enjoy taking our dog Kibi for bush walks, exploring the forests, and getting to know all the amazing wildlife we are now neighbours with. We are avid collectors of vintage objects, furniture, books, and music. We are keen gardeners, and love landscape design, and renovating.

How We Started

Kristina started inaluxe in 2006 on a part time basis. In 2010 Jason came on board, and inaluxe went full time. It was a big turning point, and the adventure continues. We never stop learning, and it goes without saying, being an artist, and running your own business is an ever changing thing! As well as keeping busy with inaluxe, we freelance and work on independent design and writing gigs. It keeps things fresh, and we love that.

We hope you enjoy the store as much as we do. Kristina + Jason