About Us

Inaluxe is an independent art studio combining the talents of fine artists Kristina Sostarko and Jason Odd.

Kristina originally started Inaluxe in 2006 as an online presence for various design projects. Over time Jason joined Inaluxe allowing the duo to not only combine their talents, but also the chance to explore the ideas and concepts they first talked about in art school where they first met. As a result, in early 2010 Inaluxe shifted home base from a city environment to the tranquil setting of a small town home studio close to the Grampians National Park. This new chapter in the Inaluxe story saw renewed productivity, in part inspired by their new locale, and some stylistic breakthroughs. In a short period of time Inaluxe produced a series of new works and since 2010 Inaluxe has broadened the fine art experience with a series of product collaborations keeping within Kristina's original vision of "Be unique, and use the best materials possible." Some of the collaborations include working with Blue Q, Earth Greetings, Kate Spade New York, IKEA, Art Press, Bloom Cosmetics, John Lewis, Land of Nod, Urban Outfitters, King and McGraw and most recently a range of rugs with Think Rugs in the UK.

The Inaluxe team excitedly look forward to each new project and long running relationships alike, with dedicated approach of keeping fine art of the highest quality with collaborators of a similar mindset. As well as keeping busy with inaluxe Kristina and Jason freelance on independant writing and design projects, although Inaluxe remains the diverse heart of creation for them both. One of the greatest things about working for yourself is quality control. We work with the finest archival fine art papers, and only employ professional giclee reproduction print technology. The end result is a print that is created to gallery specification and standard, has an incredible depth of colour, and will last many years to come. In addition to prints, Over the coming months, originals on paper and paintings will start showing up in the store.

Meet Inaluxe

Kristina Sostarko
Artist and illustrator Kristina Sostarko is the founder and co-owner of Inaluxe, originally formed in 2006 as an online presence for Kristina's various design projects. As a fine artist, Kristina's work has appeared in a variety of publications, while her first exhibition was part of group exhibit for a charity event in 1991. Kristina's early mixed media works combined photo montage, oil paint, pencil, prepared paper and canvas. Over the years Kristina's work has appeared in various formats, ranging from oil paintings and sculpture to the Inaluxe cards and Giclee prints of today. Kristina loves minimalism, which at times might seem to conflict with her love of found objects, inspired collectables, nifty footwear and designer bags.

Jason Odd
Artist and Illustrator Jason Odd is the Ying to Kristina's Yang at Inaluxe headquarters. After deserting his arts background to focus on a mild career as a music historian Jason returned to the art world in 2010 when he joined Kristina's blossoming art project Inaluxe. Jason has recently come to the conclusion that time travel is most likely unworkable and most certainly deadly, please desist.